314559   Flight crew departs from assigned altitude.
314687   Altitude deviation altitude undershot in descent. Altitude crossing restr not met.
314690   Altitude deviation altitude excursion.
314750   Low flight over sports event and city for photo mission.
314831   An air carrier first officer reports that his captain deliberately entered R2510.
314834   Jetstream has to abort takeoff for opposite direction traffic taxiing up the runway.
314840   False engine fire warning.
314846   Loss of directional control during landing caused a light aircraft to exit the runway...
314848   Altitude deviation. Turbulence and confusion.
314850   Aircraft equipment problem. Loose HF connector. Electromagnetic energy disconnected a...
314858   Land without clearance.
314860   Aircraft equipment problem electrical failure.
314861   Air carrier flight crew flew an aircraft unairworthy per MEL.
314862   An air carrier medium large transport landed on a closed runway.
314870   Air carrier track deviation on initial climb.
314871   Atx arrival and small aircraft departure experienced near midair collision in class D...
314875   Aircraft equipment problem #2 compass system failure, plus, dual flight director fail...
314880   Track deviation.
314881   Stinson has right gear collapse on landing roll out.
314883   TCASII RA for medium large transport climbing to cleared altitude.
314885   3 smoldering trash cans were discovered during overseas flight. Flight attendants rep...
314888   Altitude deviation altitude overshot in descent.
314924   Flight crew of boeing 747 fly into embedded thunderstorm.
314930   The flight crew fails to close the flight plan.
314935   The reporter helicopter student pilot failed to comply with tower departure instructi...
314936   Reporter loses electrical system.
314938   Flight attendants report fumes from an unknown source in mid and aft cabin. The aircr...
314939   Aircraft equipment problem recirculation fan 'ate itself up.'
314940   An small aircraft private pilot flew an NDB approach improperly.
314946   Takeoff aborted.
314948   An small aircraft had to abort its 'low pass' due to an aircraft on the runway.
314949   An small aircraft pilot is upset with customs rules.
314950   Altitude deviation crossing restr not met.
314957   TCASII RA was received following departure controller's climb clearance. Flight crew ...
314960   B727 misses crossing restr on descent for arrival.
314970   Aircraft damage, a fairing was bent when the flaps were operated.
314973   Small aircraft has radio failure on flight from canada, lands in class C without clea...
314979   Track deviation, an air carrier crew followed the wrong flight plan.
314980   Small transport has near midair collision with small aircraft in traffic pattern.
314985   An air carrier was unable to establish communication over the atlantic.
314988   Mechanic used wrong wire to safety wire switches.
314990   Light transport supplemental carrier has close proximity to B737 on approach at slc.
314993   Aircraft equipment problem -- air carrier crew discover that a main gear door uplock ...
314997   ATC equipment problem radar ASR-8 target correlation.
315000   Corporate aircraft has speed deviation when descending below floor of class B airspac...
315037   Aircraft equipment problem. FMS dropped out of navigation mode to heading mode.
315040   Weight and balance out of date.
315045   Routing change. ATC and pilot miscom.
315050   Tower flight crew miscom on direction of turn after takeoff.
315052   A wrong altimeter setting led to an altitude deviation overshoot climb altitude.
315060   No specific anomaly.
315067   Refueling panel door left open -- broke and caused damage in-flight.
315070   TCASII. RA kept reporter aircraft clear of VFR traffic.
315078   Aircraft equipment problem. Alternator leads loose resulting in electrical communicat...
315080   Air carrier X climb through occupied altitude had less than standard separation from ...
315081   Landing traffic too close together.
315082   Flight crew visually determines ILS guidance of centerline 1-2 mi.
315083   Missing ELT (emergency locator transponder) antenna. FARS not complied with.
315084   Aircraft equipment problem. Airspeed indicator. Takeoff aborted.
315089   B737-400 departs with MEL item regarding auxiliary tank fuel gauge readings and 0 fue...