296433   Bird strike on an medium large transport descending to land.
296565   Multiple runway operation parallel visual approachs medium large transport encountere...
297368   Tailskid strike on takeoff over rotation.
297567   Reporter responds to TCASII RA to descend after being cleared to climb. TA given. Tra...
297610   Below minimums approach.
297634   Traffic pattern procedure.
297635   A piper cherokee was positioned in front of a landing wide body aircraft which was re...
297640   Reporter fails to cross intersection at assigned altitude.
297642   Flight crew mis-set their airspeed bug references.
297645   Air carrier X visual approach made approach to wrong airport.
297654   Unattended aircraft with engine running moves forward 15 ft and strikes power cart wi...
297655   Pressurization controller will not keep the cabin pressurized.
297656   Reporter has near midair collision with police patrol plane.
297660   Paperwork for the flight crew operated showed a different aircraft.
297661   Flight crew missed crossing restr.
297664   Flight crew raises gear on a gear down ferry flight.
297668   In response to legitimate ground proximity warning pilot deviates from TRACON assigne...
297670   Flight crew flies as filed which was different from as cleared.
297671   Air carrier X TCASII TA. Non adherence to ATC clearance, had conflict with VFR aircra...
297674   Reporter fails to comply with altitude restr.
297675   Controller accuses reporter of violating terrain clearance criteria.
297676   Pilot strays off assigned altitude 500 ft.
297678   Flight crew flew VFR into IMC.
297680   ATC equipment problem radar target jump and 80 KT gndspd variation.
297710   Air carrier medium large transport may have landed without clearance.
297730   Altitude deviation altitude overshot.
297734   Fuel exhaustion - fuel equipment problem aircraft equipment problem.
297735   Air carrier X non adherence to ATC clearance descent to wrong altitude. Altitude devi...
297739   Reporter encountered wake turbulence from an L1011 7 mi ahead on final approach.
297740   Potential conflict less than standard separation.
297745   Altitude deviation altitude overshot.
297766   Insufficient WX briefing causes pilot to leave with inadequate fuel.
297772   Pilot feels he may not have operated his aircraft in accordance with the aircraft fli...
297780   Air carrier X non adherence to ATC instruction. Began taxi to wrong runway.
297781   Takeoff with IRS in align.
297786   Wheels up landing.
297790   Small aircraft possible unauthorized entry into class C airspace.
297848   An air carrier misinterp the intent of a published departure instruction after receiv...
297849   After flying a higher-than-normal speed approach, a charter pilot landed gear-up, exe...
297850   Altitude deviation on climb out.
297851   An air carrier's right main tire failed at high speed, prior to V1. Takeoff was abort...
297852   Report of illegal oxygen bottle being replaced after a one time flight.
297856   Unauthorized intersection takeoff during a night operation.
297858   Potential conflict between opposite direction descending traffic.
297861   Altitude deviation altitude overshot in descent.
297867   In-flight encounter with freezing rain in a C-172.
297871   Potential conflict in a night operation. Altitude heading track deviation.
297880   Taxiway excursion. Braking action nil.
297883   Air carrier X climb through occupied altitude visual separation by center received TC...
297886   Multiple runway operation parallel runways aircraft Y opposite direction takeoff had ...
297887   Heading track deviation. Non adherence to ATC clearance procedure. Flight crew techni...
297889   Altitude deviation altitude excursion during temperature loss of aircraft control.
297890   Flight crew tried to fly an impossible routing that was given by bwi ground control.
297893   Near midair collision in the traffic pattern.
297895   Air carrier Y had less than standard wake turbulence separation behind B757. Air carr...
297897   Heading track deviation in a non adherence to ATC clearance.
297898   Land without clearance.
297900   Air carrier X TCASII TA RA with VFR aircraft. Evasive action taken. See and avoid con...
297903   Speed deviation during STAR arrival procedure.
297905   Altitude deviation altitude overshot in climb.