294721   Multiple runway operation parallel approach simultaneous approach air carrier X had c...
294931   Air carrier X same altitude assigned received TCASII RA had less than standard separa...
295150   Some confusion over airways clearance.
295153   Aircraft moved without flight crew permission.
295154   Unauthorized penetration of airspace milfac.
295156   Air carrier X climbing to 9000 ft received TCASII TA RA from aircraft level at 10000 ...
295158   Intermittent loss of communication frequency.
295159   Altitude deviation altitude excursion altitude overshoot.
295160   Unauthorized landing.
295163   On frequency argument between PIC and ATC controller.
295164   Pilot penetrated the class B airspace without a clearance.
295170   Fuel gauge indication problems cause pilot confusion as to fuel availability.
295172   Unauthorized penetration of airspace.
295173   Altitude deviation altitude overshot navigation error.
295222   Intrafac coordination error.
295223   Commuter light transport has heading deviation due to clearance confusion.
295225   Aircraft performance miscalculation. Landing distance computation.
295226   Commuter flight crew fails to refuel prior to departing for an airport that does not ...
295230   Instructor with spi uses wrong transponder code entering class B airspace.
295233   Possible track deviation.
295270   Air carrier X had near midair collision less than standard separation with small airc...
295272   Return land.
295273   Far violation.
295275   Helicopter pilot having communication difficulty departs without clearance.
295279   Large transport makes go around as metropolitan taxies back onto runway after trying ...
295281   B737-200 had altitude deviation on climb out.
295285   Md-80 flight crew plans for wrong runway approach due to ATIS information.
295286   Charter cargo flight has altitude deviation on descent.
295288   Corp aircraft overshoots final approach course for parallel runway in close proximity...
295289   Altitude deviation, heading deviation on departure.
295290   Law enforcement helicopter failed to turn on transponder within class be 30 veil.
295292   Unauthorized takeoff, overweight.
295295   EMS helicopter enters class B airspace without clearance.
295297   Near midair collision of 2 small aircraft's.
295300   Air ambulance has altitude deviation on climb out.
295301   Less than standard separation.
295345   Air carrier X climb through occupied altitude. Had TCASII TA RA with air carrier Y. E...
295346   Loss of radio contact - pilot technique communication.
295348   Altitude deviation altitude excursion - mountain wave activity.
295350   Very low altimeter setting.
295352   Flight time, duty time, rest time complaint.
295356   Unauthorized runway entry.
295358   Unauthorized heading change - turned too early in a night operation.
295359   Altitude deviation altitude overshot -- wrong altimeter setting.
295360   Flight crew of B767 departing fra experience altitude overshoot due to failure to res...
295362   Improper deicing - follow up inspection (ice 9).
295367   Pilot taxi's across active runway without clearance.
295368   Flight crew of an large transport returned to land after the wing flaps indicated tha...
295370   Flight crew overshoots assigned altitude. Clearance interpretation problem.
295373   ARTCC radar controller non compliance with LOA approach controller workload gave appr...
295374   Small aircraft X runway incursion crossed over hold line for runway, aircraft on fina...
295375   Helicopter at night at 3000 ft has near midair collision with an airplane. Training i...
295376   Reporter flew into class C airspace without contacting the controling agency.
295377   Cpr jet reduced speed without informing ATC. Speed deviation.
295378   Visual approach to wrong runway.
295379   Air carrier X unauthorized descent below assigned altitude. Altitude deviation.
295380   Media helicopter pilot flies into special use airspace without authority/authorized.
295383   Flight crew turns earlier and at a lower altitude than procedure requires.
295385   Reporter taxied onto runway without clearance.
295386   Reporter taxied behind aircraft pushing back to park at adjacent gate.