290476   Flight crew climbed through their assigned altitude by 800 ft.
290482   Flight crew lost right hydraulic fluid declared an emergency and landed at the best a...
290483   Engine cowl struck rotor, reporter did an emergency off airport landing.
290486   Possible icing foreign object damage struck engine fan blades and bent them.
290487   While taxiing away from the gate the rptrs' wingtip struck the radome of another airc...
290492   Jet blast damage to air carrier aircraft.
290500   False GPWS warning.
290508   Air carrier light transport did not follow ATCT ground controller instructions.
290510   Stuck microphone leads to missed approach, then 2 altdevs.
290513   Air carrier light transport flew past its hold point.
290515   Communications emergency declared.
290516   Coffee burn injury to passenger.
290521   Wake turbulence, small transport behind C-130.
290529   Similar call signs air carrier X non adherence to ATC clearance descent from assigned...
290550   Operational error.
290556   Aircraft excursion off side of runway.
290588   Takeoff aborted, no flaps.
290593   Small aircraft has HSI intermittent failure.
290597   Go around made to avoid traffic on parallel approach.
290601   Law enforcement helicopter enters temporary restr airspace.
290619   Small aircraft has near midair collision on initial climb out at tower airport.
290629   Operation deviation.
290632   Instructor with spi has near midair collision.
290634   Small aircraft made incorrect pattern entry. Near midair collision.
290645   Medium large transport has autoplt problem, altitude deviation.
290655   Nose tire tread separation on takeoff.
290665   Commuter aircraft has runway incursion. Controller using wrong call sign.
290672   Operational error near midair collision.
290676   Commuter aircraft makes go around as GS deflection is opposite on each pilot's equipm...
290677   Widebody transport cargo aircraft has near midair collision with small aircraft on de...
290680   Pilot deviation.
290690   Instructor report of solo spi entering controled airspace without clearance.
290691   Small aircraft has engine failure 3 times on return to airport.
290697   Medium large transport has complete loss of gyroscopes. Emergency declared.
290707   P210 cessna is unable to maintain altitude when speed brakes fail to retract.
290712   Air ambulance has transponder inoperative. Grounds the flight.
290713   Commuter has problem on takeoff as second aircraft aborts from intersecting runway.
290720   Flaps were found to be damaged after a flight and at the gate.
290730   Flight crew parking aircraft at hangar damaged tail cone of aircraft.
290734   A TCASII RA called for a 1500 FPM descent and being in the clouds the flight crew res...
290736   Reporter accidently lands on the wrong runway, but, deliberately over the top of an a...
290749   Reporter describes near mid air.
290756   Medium large transport being marshalled into gate has #1 engine (still running) impac...
290757   Small aircraft encounters WX at destination. Divert land with assist from ATC.
290759   Commuter small transport lands without clearance.
290765   Very low pressure set in the altimeter.
290769   In-flight ice foreign object damage to both engines.
290771   Wrong runway takeoff.
290772   Altitude deviation from published ILS approach.
290777   An air carrier large transport flew the wrong heading after takeoff.
290786   Landing gear motor failure.
290790   A corp light transport flew through its assigned altitude.
290794   Runway incursion after landing.
290813   Operational error.
290818   Clear air turbulence -- emergency declared.
290825   Flight crew mistook 7000 ft for 17000 ft on climb instructions.
290827   Return land due to aircraft equipment problem flap motor failure.
290830   An air carrier light transport hit a truck with its wingtip.
290831   Small aircraft pilot complaint regarding lack of airport pattern markings at airport.
290844   Instructor with student has altitude deviation and heading deviation. On IFR flight p...